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In the world of web hosting, Dreamhost is often considered as a ‘dinosaur’. After all, the company was established in 1997, making it one of the longest running hosting company available these days. Since that point, the company has already served more than 500,000 domains.

Never did come a point when Dreamhost failed to provide high quality services to their customers. As a matter of fact, the company has been growing fast, yet still continuing to stay strong. They have continued to offer great customer support. The best part is that they are also transparent in all their dealings, even opening up about potential issues that they need to solve.

Web Hosting Plans

There are several options on web hosting plans available for your selection. They include cloud hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS hosting. This means that you can find the best option, depending on your budget, as well as actual needs.

All of these packages include the following features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited hosted domain
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 97-day money back guarantee

The fact that it offers 97 days duration for its money back guarantee, is already an edge against other competitors that only offer 30 days for refund. This can give you ample time to complete the setup, and determining whether it is right for you before making a final decision to commit.


Here are the features that make Dreamhost a dependable option:

  • Amazing Features

If you are looking for a good option on shared hosting packages, you can expect to get what you need for an affordable price of $8.95 every month. With this option, you an already expect to get unlimited storage on bandwidth, as well as all domains you want available 24/7, complete with technical support.

For this feature, you can also take advantage of a free 2-week trial period, which means that you will not have to spend anything during those two weeks. If you are satisfied with the services, you can continue with the commitment offered by the company.

  • VPS Hosting Services

If your website is one that is expected to deal with a lot of traffic and requires dedicated resources, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the best option to take. As a matter of fact, this is the best option for hosting available if you need to have your own private server partition on a larger server.

Why would you opt for this solution? For one, this will give you all the advantages that usually come with the implementation of a dedicated server. However, since it is partitioned virtually on a main server, you will only spend a fraction of what you would spend normally with this feature. Therefore, if budget is a big deal for you, VPS hosting services is the better path to take.

  • Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated servers give you maximum flexibility, speed and a lot of resources. This type of hosting is considered as the premiere offering among all hosting options available. It is also one way to provide you a guarantee that if your website receives a lot of traffic, all of them can be handled without any problem.

This means that if your website is constantly busy, and you need more disk space, memory and CPU, dedicated hosting services is for you. This is not to mention the amazing customer support that you can also expect to receive. If you need assistance and all, somebody will be there to help you out.

  • Control Panel Options

The control panel of Dreamhost is different from what the trend is, especially with the use of cPanel. Rather, it serves like a dashboard. Personally, it gives a better impression as it focuses on tools which actually apply towards site creators and host owners.

After completing the process, you can start using your account, with the system guiding you to the start-up wizard. There you can see the app manager where you can use the one-click installation system. With its control panel, creating new email addresses is also easy.

  • Support and Help

The support and help options offered by Dreamhost is also a good one. However, it must be noted that Dreamhost is unique in a way that customer service is better reached through live chat. In fact, support mostly relies on the use of email ticketing instead of interactions through the phone.

After getting in contact with a live representative through their chat service, you can find that they have a pool of courteous and smart people. Despite not having a telephone support line, the company offers a good knowledgebase and website area with FAQs, where you can find answers to most of your questions.


The following are some drawbacks of the service:

  • Among the most expensive hosting options

Dreamhost pricing starts at $7.95. This is if you commit for a service with a duration of three years. On the other hand, its one-year minimum is available at $9.95 per month.

  • Does not come with a standard cPanel

This is because Dreamhost implemented its own control panel, supposedly with the purpose of creating a streamline version that is fit for those who are considered as ‘non-techies’.

Dreamhost Coupon Availability

With the use of a dreamhost coupon, you can take advantage of a promo code which will give you access to discounts upon availing of the services offered by this web hosting provider. All you need to do is to click the button that will give you this access.


There are a lot of reasons why a lot of users prefer Dreamhost as their web hosting provider, and why I would personally recommend it. The fact that it provides almost 100% uptime guarantee is an assurance that your website will keep on running, with rare instances of downtime.

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